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Large 65 to 85-Liter Autoclave-Sterilizers

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Our big Tuttnauer and Market Forge autoclaves feature 65 to 85-liter chambers. These large capacity table top autoclaves are great for Laboratory, Scientific and Industrial applications. If you are looking for a dependable, affordable solution, we can more than meet that goal. Contact us for answers to your questions regarding size, temperature and other specifications of these large autoclaves for sale.

  • Booth Medical - Market Forge STM-E  Autoclave - Refurbished Booth Medical - Market Forge STM-E  Autoclave - Refurbished - Side View

    Market Forge STM-E Refurbished Sterilizer - STM-E

    Market Forge Sterilmatic STM-E Refurbished Autoclave Sterilizer, 95-2678 Are you looking for the lowest price you can find or would you rather have a superb refurbished autoclave? No one does it better. Plus, our knowledgeable,  trained sales staff...

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  • Booth Medical - Market Forge Sterilmatic STM-EL Autoclave Sterilizer Booth Medical - Market Forge Sterilmatic STM-EL Autoclave Sterilizer

    Market Forge STM-EL Refurbished Sterilizer - STM-EL

    // Market Forge Sterilmatic STM-EL Refurbished Autoclave Sterilizer, 95-3441 The Market Forge Sterilmatic sterilizer is a dependable and inexpensive solution ideally suited for laboratories, veterinary clinics, processing plants and more. It was...

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  • Tuttnauer 3870E Refurbished Autoclave - Booth Medical Tuttnauer 3870E Refurbished Autoclave - Interior View

    Tuttnauer 3870E Refurbished Automatic Autoclave

    // Tuttnauer 3870E 220V Refurbished Automatic Autoclave This special autoclave will be completely refurbished before shipment is made. We are replacing almost every moving part on it. The unit looks and operates like new. The Tuttnauer 3870E autoclave...

  • Tuttnauer 3870EA Refurbished Autoclave Booth Medical - Refurbished Tuttnauer 3870EAP Autoclave Touch Pad

    Tuttnauer 3870EA Autoclave Sterilizer Refurbished

    // Tuttnauer 3870EA Refurbished Autoclave The Tuttnauer 3870EA autoclave is designed for the active surgery center, medical clinic, industrial lab, doctor's office, dental practice, veterinary facility, or tattoo establishment. The stainless steel...

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