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Autoclave Clearance Sale

Check out our autoclave clearance page for great deals on autoclaves that are marked down for inventory reduction.

  • M11 Autoclave Clearance Sale Side View M11 Autoclave Clearance Sale Door Open

    Midmark M11 Refurbished Autoclave - Clearance

    Midmark/Ritter M11 Autoclave Sterilizer This M11 Ultraclave sterilizer is a completely automated machine. Once your items are placed in the chamber and you set the desired program, the entire sterilization cycle will run from start to finish without...

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  • Tuttnauer 1730m Clearance  Autoclave Tuttnauer 1730m trays

    Tuttnauer 1730M Autoclave - Clearance

    // Tuttnauer 1730M Autoclave - Clearance Sale It may have a strange looking door,  but the compact size (7" chamber) makes it a perfect autoclave for a tattoo shop, salon or small office.  We've checked it all out and it's working...

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  • Tuttnauer 2540EA Automatic Autoclave - Clearance Booth Medical - Tuttnauer 2540EA Refurbished Autoclave - Door Open

    Tuttnauer 2540EA Refurbished Autoclave - Clearance

    // Tuttnauer 2540EA Autoclave Sterilizer 10" Automatic  - Clearance  Well maintained Tuttnauer 2540EA fully automatic autoclave sterilizer. This unit fully meets the approval of our factory trained and certified technician. He has...

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  • Booth Medical - Midmark/Ritter M9-022 Refurbished Autoclave  - Clearance Sale Booth Midmark/Ritter M9 V Series Refurbished Autoclave - Clearance Sale

    Midmark M9 Refurbished Autoclave - Clearance

    // Midmark M9 Refurbished Autoclave Sterilizer - Clearance If you are looking for a safe, dependable used autoclave, this M9 is the way to go. The machine is checked out from head to toe with 0 cycle failures. It's clean as a whistle and ready to...

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  • Tuttnauer 2340m Autoclave - Clearance Tuttnauer 2340m Classic Clearance Door Open

    Tuttnauer 2340M Classic Manual Autoclave - Clearance

    // Tuttnauer 2340M Manual Autoclave - Clearance If you are on a budget, and looking for a great starter autoclave this Tuttnauer 2340m is a great choice. This used autoclave came from a working environment, and as used equipment goes it is very...

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