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Stereo Optical Vision Testing Equipment

We carry the complete product line of Optec Vision Testing Equipment Including Optec 5000, 5000p, 5500 and 5500p

  • Booth Medical - 5000 OPTEC Vision Testing System

    5000 OPTEC Vision Testing System - 5000/5000P

    Optec 5000 and 5000P Vision Screener Documentation: It is the ideal tool for pre-screening, in order to test patients quickly and accurately in a controlled environment. Perform comprehensive visual screening in a short period of time. The screen...

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  • Booth Medical - 5500 OPTEC Vision Testing System

    5500 OPTEC Vision Testing System - 5500/5500P

    A look at Optec® 5500 and Optec 5500P Documentation: In a minimum amount of time, perform a comprehensive visual screen. The screen is displayed under a variety of conditions, including monocular, binocular, close-up, distant, and...

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