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Maico Audiometers and Tympanometers For Sale

These hearing test machines are easy to operate, portable units designed to permit simple, rapid and reliable hearing tests. They are most commonly used in pediatric offices, physicians offices, head start, school testing programs, or employment screening in industries.  The Maico hearing test machines provide all the pure-tone frequencies and the full dynamic range specified by the American National Standards Institute. With all the latest advances in state of the art technology, Maico assures consistently accurate results usually without the need for extensive operator training. Ease of operation saves valuable test time and eliminates costly errors. With thousands of individuals in varied settings, these audiometers and tympanometers have repeatedly exceeded expectation in adaptability, data generation, data retrieval, and cost-effectiveness. Concentrate on the patient not the machine.

Choose between some of the most popular hearing test equipment on the market by Maico Diagnostics.  Find simple air conduction testing or more sophisticated devices such as the Ero Scan Screener providing DPOAE (distortion product otoacoustic emission) which is a sound generated from within the inner ear. Also, find the complete line of easyTymp handheld tympanometers or the touchTymp Race Car impedance screen with IPSI (ipsilateral) testing.