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Hearing Test Machines - Audiometer/Tympanometer

There are over 20 million people in the United States who suffer from hearing loss. Individuals who suffer from hearing loss experience problems with social adjustment, speech and language skills, learning progress, as well as psychological problems. Medical treatment and aural rehabilitation take care of most hearing problems. The primary care setting is ideally suited for first and early detection of the problem, since people frequently visit these groups: pediatricians, family practitioners, general practitioners, speech-language pathologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, public health personnel, school health nurses, and volunteers. A fast, simple, accurate method of hearing screening and early detection followed up with the appropriate referral offers the absolute best results.  

Tympanometry, IPSI Reflexes, Pure Tone audiometers and Otoacoustic Emissions equipment for children and adults are ideal for physician's offices and other health care providers.