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Why You Should Get An Eye Exam

Posted by Booth Medical on Feb 12 2020

You might be confused when someone suggests you should get an eye exam if you seem to have okay vision. But being proactive about your vision is essential. Seeing and using vision is one of the most enjoyable ways to sense the world around you. Gazing at clouds passing by, seeing the bright lights of a city, or watching a beautiful film are just a few of the ways vision is a gift. The ability to see the world clearly is something wonderful. Don't miss out.

Be proactive

Vision changes are some of the hardest changes in the body to detect. That’s why it’s so important to visit your ophthalmologist (eye doctor) regularly. You can go years with untreated conditions such as glaucoma and amblyopia without knowing it. That could lead to preventable vision loss. Don’t let this happen to you. If something in your gut is telling you to get your vision check, you should probably listen. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Seeing the eye doctor is something a lot of us do as kids. But that doesn’t mean you’re set for life. Small vision changes can happen without us realizing it. It’s also important to keep family history in mind. There are even some symptoms that may seem completely unrelated to vision loss that could be a bad sign. Some of these include getting motion sickness or headaches.

At the doctor’s office

Despite its name, getting an eye exam doesn’t involve just one test. There are several things that will probably take place. First your physician will evaluate your health history. Then, they’ll examine each part of your eye and analyze their movements. Two machines they may use are the stereo optical and the Welch Allyn vision screener. Afterwards, they’ll tell you the conclusions they’ve made based on the assessment. Your doctor should give you a plan and quell any worries. No matter what, you’ll get answers so you won’t have to keep wondering.