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Product Line of Schiller ECG Machines -

Schiller is a world leader in supplying Resting and Stress ECG machines

  • Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG And Spirometer

    Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG

    Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG - Spirometer Is Optional  Unique Design  ECG and optional spirometry in one:Until recently, the importance of spirometry tests for the early diagnosis of chronic obstructive lung diseases and certain cardiac diseases has...

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  • Schiller Cardiovit FT-1 ECG Machine (0A.106000)

    Schiller Cardiovit FT-1 ECG Machine

    Cardiovit FT-1 ECG Machine - Schiller Maximum performance in a compact electrocardiograph for users who value state-of-the art technology: Power and flexibility in a portable ECG Fast and secure bidirectional Wi-Fi communication Outstanding signal...

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