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Ask About A BRAND NEW, Fully Automatic, FDA Autoclave With An 11” Chamber and Full Factory Warranty For Only $4,895. 

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Here you can select New and Refurbished Autoclaves for sale at a competitive price.

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Booth Medical has over 25 years of experience in the sales, support and repair of table top steam autoclave sterilizers. We offer the best pricing on both new and refurbished machines. Our shelves are stocked with autoclaves for sale by MarketForge, Midmark, Ritter, Scican and Tuttnauer.

 Pre-Owned   Top of the Line Refurbished Autoclaves from Market Forge - Midmark - Ritter - SciCan - Tuttnauer

Refurbished Autoclaves

Check out our professionally refurbished autoclaves. We have various models suited for every size and budget.

We are always interested in purchasing unwanted autoclaves, working or not. Give us a call and find out how much money you can make.

We handle the pickup and shipping at no cost to you.

Autoclaves Wanted - Dead or Alive

 New Autoclaves
We have 4 models to choose from with fully automatic programmable steam sterilization cycles.
Rapid heat sterilizers have very quick cycle times and far less maintenance requirements than steam based systems.
See the complete family of manual and fully automatic autoclaves
Market Forge
Popular, reliable and easy to operate for industrial, scientific and veterinary applications.
Steri-Dent and SteriSURE dry heat sterilizers bring high quality, rugged performance, and total dependability to your practice.
 Accessories, Repair Parts and Maintenance Supplies
Autoclave Parts
Replacement parts for table top autoclaves. Gaskets, Bellows, Sensors, Filters, Circuit Boards, etc.
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Find the ultrasonic cleaner that meets your need. From 1 to 5 gallon capacities.
Autoclave Accessories
Find autoclave pouches, racks, trays, cleaners, spore test kits and more.
Autoclave Special! We have a BRAND NEW in the box, fully automatic, FDA autoclave with an 11” chamber and full factory warranty for only $4,795 with FREE SHIPPING!! Call for details
Water Distillers
Large assortment of water distillers in several sizes to choose from.

When purchasing an autoclave there are many factors to consider.

1. Do you need a manual unit or a fully automatic autoclave and what is the difference?

A manual autoclave requires the operator to manipulate the machine through each cycle. It is a multi step process over the course of an hour. Step one is to turn a valve, knob or lever (depending on autoclave model) to fill the autoclave chamber to the water fill line. You then load the autoclave with the instruments to be sterilized. Next, secure the door and set the timer so the autoclave can begin the heat up process. Once the machine has reached sterilization temperature and pressure the operator then sets the sterilization timer. The autoclave will now begin the count down. A buzzer will ring and now it is time to vent the unit. When the autoclave is properly exhausted the operator then opens the door to commence the drying cycle.

Most busy clinics utilize a fully automatic or semi-automatic autoclave. These autoclaves are designed to load, set and forget. You simply load it, close the door, push a button and the autoclave automatically fills, sterilizes, vents and dries without operator assistance. The convenience factor many times far out weighs the additional cost.

2. What is the cost of ownership?

A well maintained tabletop autoclave is not expensive to own. It will require distilled water that can be purchased at your local retail or grocery store and a regular cleaning routine. Each model uses a different type of autoclave cleaning solution. It is a fairly simple process. The key is to do this on a regular consistent schedule. The door gasket will need to be replaced every 8 to 14 months depending on hours of use. In addition some machines require a yearly HEPA filter.

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