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New and Used Autoclaves - Plus Parts and Accessories

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Booth Medical is a one-stop-shop for best new or refurbished autoclaves for sale at a lower than average price. Also, find a diverse portfolio of autoclave repair parts and accessories such as spore testing, replacement racks and trays, ultrasonic cleaners, water distillers, and more. With 30 years of experience in the sales, support, and repair of table-top steam autoclaves, Booth Medical can answer all of your technical questions. Never again pay too much money for an autoclave that doesn't meet expectations, or stays broken all the time. We will provide you with excellent value on both new and refurbished machines. Best of all, our shelves remain stocked with sterilizers that we can ship out today. At Booth Medical, we  have a large selection of autoclaves for dental, medical, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, hospital, veterinary, and water utilities.   Larger sterilizers are in-stock for research laboratories, farming, and other related industries.

Refurbished Used Autoclaves and Sterilizers
Buy a Refurbished Autoclave By Market Forge, Midmark, Ritter, or Tuttnauer
New Autoclaves And Sterilizers
Find A Machine Within Your Budget. We Can Ship To You Today!

Midmark/Ritter Autoclaves
We have four models to choose from with fully automatic programmable steam sterilization cycles.

Cox Dry Heat Sterilizers
Rapid heat sterilizers have very quick cycle times and far less maintenance than steam based medical and dental sterilizers.

Tuttnauer Autoclaves
See the complete family of manual and fully automatic medical and dental autoclaves.

Steri-Dent/SteriSURE Dry Heat Sterilizers
Steri-Dent and SteriSURE dry heat sterilizers bring high quality, rugged performance, and total dependability to your medical and dental practice.

Market Forge Sterilizers
Popular, reliable and easy to operate for industrial, scientific and veterinary applications.

Autoclave Accessories, Repair Parts and Maintenance Supplies
Find Everything You Need For Your Sterilization Clean Room

Autoclave Parts
Replacement parts for table top autoclaves. Gaskets, Bellows, Sensors, Filters, Circuit Boards, etc.

Ultrasonic Cleaners
Find the ultrasonic cleaner that meets your need. From 1 to 5 gallon capacities.

Autoclave Accessories
Find autoclave pouches, racks, trays, cleaners, spore test kits and more.

Water Distillers
Large assortment of water distillers in several sizes to choose from.


Not sure which Autoclave is best for you?

Take a look at the following answers to the most common questions asked by our shoppers.

1. What size autoclave should I consider?
Most of the models we offer are known as tabletop autoclaves. They didn't require a large space and designed for an office environment. The physical size ranges from a unit as small as a computer printer up to the scale of a mini refrigerator. Generally speaking, your need develops by a combination of the number of items to be sterilized, the frequency of sterilization and the cycle time necessary to properly sanitize your items. For example, you may need to sterilize small items such as surgical tools and assume that a small sterilizer is what you need. However, if you clean many tools on a  frequent basis, then the demands of a small sterilizer may not be enough, and a larger sterilizer might be more suitable. If you are a Tattoo artist or work in a Podiatry practice, then the smaller models will probably work best for you. Obviously larger items will require a larger machine.

You define an autoclave by its chamber size.  Measure the chamber by the diameter of the opening where you insert your articles and the depth of the chamber. Common sizes are 7", 9", 10" or 15" (17.8cm, 22.8cm, 25.4cm or 38.1cm).

2. What is the difference between a Manual or Automatic sterilizer?
The main difference concerns the user's interaction with the machine during a sterilization cycle. For a manual machine, you will typically need to monitor the sterilizer and take direct action to advance the sterilization process. An Automatic machine does not require the same monitoring and automatically performs all the necessary steps. In other words, you set it and forget it.
Another difference is in the controls. Manual machines use analog dials and buttons. An automatic machine uses digital controls.

3. How long will it take to sterilize my items?
Regardless of the type or size of the machine, the first sterilization cycle takes the longest. Once the unit is heated up, the following cycles are quicker because the machine does not have to heat up as much during subsequent cycles, also known as Cold and Warm or Hot Cycles. Depending on the model, smaller autoclaves will tend to have shorter cycles than larger models. The more material you need to sterilize, the longer it will take. In general, smaller machines will sterilize from 10-30 minutes, and larger machines will sterilize from 20 to 60 minutes.

Everything depends on the materials and the capabilities of the autoclave.

4. What are the power requirements that I will need?
Most machines will run on standard 110-120 volt circuits. There are many autoclaves with a greater capability that will run on 220-240 volt circuits. It's important to note that Autoclaves should always have a dedicated circuit, and you would never want to use a power strip or extension cord.

5. How difficult is it to maintain an Autoclave?
There are standard cleaners available which require nothing more than running an empty autoclave through a cycle with the cleaning solution inside. There is little effort involved from the user's point of view. Various indicators are also available to determine if a sterilization cycle has indeed sterilized your items.

6. What kind of warranties are offered?
Factory warranties for new autoclaves are specific to the manufacturer. For example, Midmark has a one year on site parts and labor warranty. Tuttnauer has a two year on site parts and labor warranty. Our warranty for refurbished autoclaves is 180 days from the day you receive your machine. It includes parts and labor but does not include return shipping cost