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Seiler Colposcopes

When choosing a colposcope the Seiler Colposcope is intended to provide magnified visualization of the tissues of the vulva, cervix and anogenital area. It is used to evaluate these tissues, select area for biopsy, as necessary, and to facilitate related procedures, e.g. LEEP, conization, etc. The user-friendly LED light source is a high efficiency light source utilizing state of-the-art superior illumination technology. It offers a variety of features such as: 6500 K daylight brightness for good color definition, quiet operation, long life, 50,000 hrs, compact and light weight, pulse-width modulation (PWM) electrical dimming. The LED light source is used to illuminate the site of surgery during minimally invasive surgical procedures. The light is transmitted from the light source through a fiber optic cable and a scope.

There are various models to choose from including the 935 economically priced workhorse, or the 955 series with a 5 step magnification turret combined with the swing arm or the 985 over the shoulder model. Choose a digital and video package loaded with options and accessories. Other key features a 3-step or 5 step turret magnification system, 175-400mm working distance objective lens, digital, widefield eyepieces with diopter locks, straight binocular head or optional fixed inclined or inclinable, Green filter in selector knob and a lifetime warranty on optics and mechanics.