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The Significance of Rapid Diagnostic Testing


Traditionally, medical testing comes with the dreaded wait and worry time. Sometimes, it may take days or weeks for a laboratory to analyze a test and report the results. This experience may cause stress and fear in a patient when sometimes there’s hardly a thing to worry over. The importance of rapid diagnostic testing cannot be overstated. This method of medical testing is usually quick, non-invasive, and can yield results within 20 minutes. While, of course, rapid testing isn’t available for all diseases and conditions - the availability is growing. Below are some of the ways that rapid diagnostic testing is paramount to the medical industry.

They allow for point-of-care testing for routine viruses and infections.

Most urgent care facilities and doctors’ offices have access to rapid diagnostic testing for common conditions like strep throat and influenza. When receiving a positive result, doctors are able to quickly prescribe the necessary medication for these conditions. This leads to a quicker patient turnover and faster healing times.

They allow for early diagnosing of conditions that need quick + intensive intervention.

In addition to testing for common viruses, rapid diagnostic testing may also help with the early detection of serious conditions like HIV, malaria, and syphilis. While these conditions are not treatable during a routine doctor’s visit - the early diagnosis is extremely important in commencing a treatment plan.

At Booth Medical, we offer Clarity Rapid Diagnostic Testing for the early detection and treatment of various conditions. For more information, get in touch today.

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