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Early Vision Testing to Prevent Loss of Sight


For certain disorders, namely Amblyopia Amblyopia (lazy eye), early intervention can play a major part in preventing the progression of the disease. However, this intervention is most useful when it happens very early on. In fact, identifying this disease before the age of 4 is the most effective way to prevent vision problems. That’s why early vision testing is paramount.

Preschool vision testing.

Certain vision screening systems are able to detect risk factors for Amblyopia Amblyopia in children before the age of 4. Even more, this early screening can help identify other vision conditions that may present themselves later in a child’s life. This includes nearsightedness and farsightedness. As such, it’s important to catch these risks early on to start children on a treatment plan to help treat and prevent future vision problems.

Without testing.

Left untreated, Amblyopia Amblyopia can lead to the loss of sight in one eye and delays in learning. Further, amblyopic risk factors can indicate refractive error (inability to clearly focus), anisometropia (unequal optical power), nearsightedness and farsightedness, and astigmatism in children. Additional diseases can present early on with vision problems, such as ADHD and autism. In these cases, vision testing as early as 2 can help identify these risk factors.

At Booth Med, we offer a selection of Stereo Optical Vision Testing Equipment as well as Retina Exam Equipment. We understand that early vision testing is important in preventing vision problems, and that’s why we encourage preschool vision testing with the use of our comprehensive vision screening equipment.

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