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​How Physicians Can Take Advantage Of Tax Deductions While Upgrading Equipment


To keep up with the changing technology of the medical field, you’re going to want to upgrade the equipment in your office often. To make it worthwhile for you to do that as a physician running a practice, the IRS has provided something called Section 179. This tax code allows business owners of all kinds to deduct qualifying equipment from their taxes instead of depreciating the value of the equipment and software they currently own. There are specified maximum amounts each year that can be deducted. There may also be bonus depreciation included available for new equipment purchased once the spending cap is reached.

Although the tax code changed each year, it’s certainly worth your while to upgrade the medical equipment that you see needs updating in your practice. By staying within the guidelines set each year by the IRS and assessing the needs of your individual practice, you can work with a company like Booth Medical Equipment to get the highest quality products that will deliver the best care to your patients. Contact us today with any questions you may have about our vast array of medical equipment.   

​The Essential Components Of An Accessible Exam Room For Persons With Mobility Disabilities

Accessible examination rooms make it possible for patients with mobility disabilities including those who require the use of a wheelchair to receive proper medical care. Accessible features allow patients to move around the examination room and be able to receive the same level and quality of care as persons who do not have disabilities. Suggested [...]

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​Why Accessibility Is More Important Than Ever In Medical Facilities

In your medical practice, one of the essential components is the ability of your facility to care for persons with disabilities. It’s known that persons with disabilities often avoid seeking regular medical care due to the obstacles they face in getting the care they need.Accessibility for persons with disabilities is not only a convenience for [...]

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Tuttnauer EZPlus Autoclave Features

As a distributor for Tuttnauer, we are excited about the new EZPlus Autoclaves. Tuttnauer thought of everything when designing this unit. In talking to people all over the country every day regarding their sterilizing requirements, the main concern for a busy practice is the need for a larger machine. The 19.8" deep chamber of the [...]

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Ebay the Hard Way

We recently received an inquiry from a potential customer who was hoping to sell BME their used M11 autoclave. It was a physicians office who had just recently purchased a brand new machine and they were looking for an outlet for their used autoclave. After evaluating the age and condition we gave them our [...]

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