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Peripheral Arterial Disease — Easy Testing with an ABI

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Technology and the medical world go hand in hand. The advances in technology have allowed many lives to be saved. Not to mention, it has allowed for more diseases and conditions to be identified. With this growth, hospitals and medical facilities are able to help more patients and offer more information. This is the case with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). It’s one of the tricky diseases that needs to caught early on. PAD is caused when hardening of the arteries cuts off oxygen-rich blood to the legs, feet, and other arteries. So often this disease is underdiagnosed and mistaken. Unfortunately, it’s often thought to be old age or arthritis.

How do you detect Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Here comes the technology. An ABI machine is crucial to spotting PAD. An ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) tests for PAD in about 10 minutes. Because it’s so easy to use, there’s is no reason not to test a patient. Notably, you should check a patient if they are over 65, have leg pain, smoke, have high cholesterol, etc. It’s a pain-free way to test any patient that may be at risk for PAD. Once detected, the patient will have a way to manage the disease.

Why is an ABI such a great product?

As a seller of an ABI, this machine is readily applicable to family/general practitioners and cardiologists. They’ve been sold to internal medicine doctors and vein centers as well. “Not only does this product help patient populations, ABI machines are probably the easiest machine in my bag to sell to a doctor as a ‘keep the lights on’ product,” says Chris Harris, a medical representative. While the price of a regular ABI is around $3,600, any medical facility can pay that off in one year if they only did one ABI per week. In any case, a facility would be administrating a lot more tests than that.

There are many other great features tied to the ABI machine. For one, it’s portable, making it easy to move from exam room to exam room. It is also reimbursable. The machine is designed to produce accurate full-page reports with reimbursement information printed. Notably, it’s also very efficient. The cuff-link versions will help you save time with automated cuff selection and inflation/deflation. All in all, it’s a great machine that can quickly help so many patients.

If you need to see a quick demo or are interested in purchasing an ABI, look no further than our online store. Get the information and the products that you need with just an easy click.

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