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Fetal & Vascular Dopplers/ABI Doppler Systems/Related Accessories

Dopplers that are professional and sensitive
DigiDop Doppler systems from Newman Medical are equipped with modern features that are sure to meet your diagnostic needs. DigiDop Dopplers feature a wide variety of probe options, making them an excellent choice for listening to fetal heartbeats in pregnancy or detecting the most sensitive vascular blood flow.
Offering The Best Doppler Warranty in the Industry
The durable professional Dopplers we offer are made to withstand years of everyday use in the office. Having been manufacturing and selling professional Dopplers for more than 40 years, we are confident that the DigiDop will stand up to the tough office environment. To demonstrate its commitment to that belief, Newman Medical offers the best warranty in the industry - a 5 year warranty. All labor and all parts - including probes and cords - are covered by our honest warranty policy.
What are the benefits of choosing a Newman Medical DigiDop?
Valuable. It is important to have a fetal Doppler that is effective, durable, and can be relied upon when you need it.
Sensitive. The DigiDop is equipped with a digital signal clarity (DSC) that produces clear and sharp fetal and vascular sounds.
We stand behind our product. In addition, we offer a 5 year parts and labor warranty that covers all parts and labor - INCLUDING BREAKAGE!
Designed in the USA and manufactured in the USA. The dopplers we manufacture are proudly manufactured near Denver, Colorado
Newman Medical offers a full line of Doppler Systems for Obstetrical or Vascular.