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Midmark Autoclaves

Made in USA The Ritter Ultraclave from Midmark has every feature you need in an autoclave for the busy clinic, laboratory, scientific or educational environment. There are four models to choose from offering fully automatic and programmable steam sterilization cycles.

Our experienced customer service team can offer you insight on many aspects of infection control. We can help you buy the proper Ritter autoclave for your environment and provide advice on spore or biological testing and other issues relating to quality assurance.
Midmark restricts its distributors from displaying a price on line that is lower than their predetermined "Minimum Advertised Price."   However, we can sell this product for much less if you contact us directly.   It's well worth the time to make a call to discover the deep discount you will receive.

  • Midmark M11 Autoclave - Angled Midmark Autoclave - Door Open Trays

    Midmark M11 Autoclave Sterilizer

    Midmark M11 Autoclave Sterilizer - Ritter  Sterilization is a serious business. With aggressive, infectious organisms, there is a critical need for proper sterilization equipment and techniques in your practice. The Midmark Ultraclave can be used...

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  • Midmark M9 Autoclave Sterilizer

    Midmark M9 Autoclave Sterilizer

    Midmark Ritter M9 Autoclave Sterilizer Ultraclave The M9 Autoclave exceeds the standard parameters for time, pressure and temperature necessary to kill microorganisms by utilizing saturated steam under pressure. The 9" x 15" inch stainless steel chamber...

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