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FD1 - Fetal Dopplex Sonicaid W/Rate Display - 2MHz Waterproof Probe

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Brand:   Huntleigh
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    Huntleigh Fetal Dopplex FD1- Sonicaid FD1 -Fixed 2MHz Waterproof Probe and Rate Display Doppler

    The high performance high sensitivity transducer enables reliable detection from early gestation right through to delivery, even on obese patients.

    • Advanced real time auto-correlation fetal heart rate processing
    • An automatic noise reduction feature operates on low level signals to improve sound quality.
    • 2MHz FIXED waterproof transducer suitable for use in a water birthing environment (FD1)
    • Advanced power management with auto switch-off to conserve battery life
    • Long robust coiled cable enables optimum transducer position in all circumstances

    All Huntleigh handheld Dopplers come with the following accessories:
    * Audio output & stereo headphones
    * Gel
    * Soft carry case
    * 9 volt battery


    The main unit is not waterproof and must not be immersed. For underwater use where contamination or cross-infection may occur, additional barrier precautions must be taken



    About The Probes 

    2MHz  OP2-HS for general obstetric use

    3MHz  OP3-HS ideally suited for detecting the fetal heart in early gestations

    4MHz  OP4-HS Ideal fof detection of deep lying vessels 

    5MHz  OP5-HS For oedematous limbs and deep lying vessels. Ideal adjunct to Easy8 for ABPI measurements.

    8MHz  VP8-HS Ideal for the detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries.

    8MHz  EZ8 - Easy 8 - Widebeam technology - Allows easy location of vessels. Easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation. 

    10MHz VP10-HS - For the detection of smaller vessels in specialist superficial applications. 

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