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Wallach Truelight Colposcopes - More Choices, Exceptional Solutions

Thank you for your continued support over the past 35 years in promoting the Wallach Surgical quality brand of products to the Women's Healthcare market place. Our commitment to our customers is clear, to provide quality products at reasonable prices.  Our knowledgeable sales team stand ready to meet with and consult with you and to demonstrate our expansive line of devices and disposable products that are utilized daily in OB/GYN practices throughout the world.

Wallach's highly versatile series colposcopes offer an optical pathway for a direct view. The colposcopes deliver the 3D image needed to detect subtle tissue abnormalities and to perform colposcopically directed biopsies and surgery with optimum hand/eye coordination. These colposcopes utilize Wallach's unique suspension system which is solid, yet easily adjustable. The result is total stability through the full range of motion. The exceptional clarity, automatic focus, high resolution and exclusive LED light source will dramatically reduce the cost of operation. A red-free green filter provides more accurate visual diagnostic capabilities, storage, retrieval, annotation and communication with high resolution colposcopic images. Wallach's simplicity eliminates the need to focus or replace a light bulb. Choose a overhead suspension arm stand or go with the Trulight centerpost. Integrate the video and camera option for the best of both worlds.

  • Wallach ZoomScope with Trulight Overhead Suspension Colposcope - 906043-SP Wallach ZoomScope -Trulight Overhead Suspension - 906043-SP

    Wallach ZoomScope Colposcope Trulight - 906043 SP

    Wallach ZoomScope Colposcope with Trulight Documentation: Precision, Quality, and Continuous 4.5 - 20x Zoom Functionality Wallach's premier colposcope offers unobstructed access to the examination site, allowing for optimal viewing. Zoom knobs...

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