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Tuttnauer Sterilizer - Hospital, Lab & Scientific - Class B

Tuttnauer has expanded their class B product line in the USA, offering several new options for the hospitals, surgical centers and laboratory research environments. These pre & post vacuum sterilizers are ideal for any facility being held accountable for the sterilization of liquids, glassware, instruments, porous loads, and more. The broad product line showcases everything from a fully-featured portable stand-alone autoclave to compact machines built for small, narrow spaces on up to larger sterilizers for high volume needs.  These diverse, dependable, and cost-effective sterilizers are engineered to the highest standards with a pressure vessel warranty of 15 years

Models include the complete product line of LabSci Lab and Scientific autoclaves, 5075HSG Pre and Post Vacuum Class B Sterilizers, and Tuttnauer 4472 and 5596 Laboratory and Healthcare Series Steam Autoclaves.