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Booth Medical Autoclave Repair and Service
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Through our many years of Autoclave refurbishment, the technicians at Booth Medical have acquired extensive experience diagnosing problems and repairing autoclaves. If you have an autoclave that does not work, or is not working correctly, follow the procedure below and we'll do our best to get you back up and running as quickly and economically as we can.

What you can expect from our Repair Service:

1. Contact us to discuss the problems you're experiencing. If you decide to have us take a look at your machine, we'll assign a repair ticket and instruct you on how to get your machine to our facility.  At that time we will collect a non-refundable shop fee of $250.00 for the diagnosis and time spent to create an estimate.
2. Once your machine arrives it will be bench tested and inspected to determine the exact nature of the problems.
3. The technician assigned to your machine will create a detailed estimate concerning the labor and parts required to make the necessary repairs.
4. You will be contacted to discuss the estimate, and upon your approval the repair work will begin.
5. If you decide that the repair work required is not something you wish to do, we will arrange for the return of your autoclave.
6. Once the repairs are complete, we will contact you to arrange return shipping and finalize the invoicing procedure.

A few things worth noting:

We carry an extensive inventory of repair parts on site to minimize delays. However, some parts which are not common are ordered directly from the manufacturer and may take a day or two to arrive.

Our technician will also try and determine the cause of any problems and pass that information along to you in order to prevent similar problems in the future.

Before leaving our facility, your unit will be thoroughly tested multiple times to insure reliable functionality.

The typical turn around time for most repairs is 2 to 3 weeks.

Shipping might not be as expensive as you think. For example, a mid-sized autoclave that ships from Philadelphia to our facility is about $75.00 each way. If you are local to the Little Rock area, you can drop off your machine in the morning and get a repair estimate within a few days. If you do not have a box to ship your unit in, we can provide one for your unit for the cost of the box. That can only be determined by the model of autoclave to be repaired and the shipping destination.

It should also be emphasized that autoclaves are easily damaged if they are not packaged correctly. On many occasions we have received machines with broken handles, doors or serious dents due to careless packaging. We will provide you with our recommended packaging guidelines, but any damage that occurs during shipping will need to be handled through your carrier. At no time will Booth Medical assume responsibility for damage that takes place during shipping.



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