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Maico EroScan OAE Screener

Maico Eroscan Portable And Pro OAE Screeners

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Browse For the Maico EroScan portable or Eroscan Pro DPOAE hearing screeners. The Eroscan Pro comes with an optional tympanometer for combined testing. These OAE test can be printed or transferred to a computer.

  • Ero-Scan Pro Handheld OAE System By Maico - 8121479 Booth Medical - Ero-Scan Pro Handheld OAE System - 8121479

    Maico ERO SCAN Pro-Hand Held OAE Test System

    Ero Scan Pro Handheld DPOAE Screener System The Ero Scan Pro Handheld, Otoacoustic Emissions device is available in a screening version.  It comes available with an optional OAE/Tympanometer for combined testing. The Ero Scan Pro screener is simple...

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