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Maico ERO SCAN Pro-Hand Held OAE Test System

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    Ero Scan Pro Handheld DPOAE Screener System

    The Ero Scan Pro Handheld, Otoacoustic Emissions device is available in a screening version.  It comes available with an optional OAE/Tympanometer for combined testing. The Ero Scan Pro screener is simple to set up and use. The main thing is making sure the ear probe is clean and free of obstruction. The OAE test can be printed or transferred to a computer.

    Early intervention is the best cure for infants and children born with hearing loss. 1-3 per thousand babies born in the U.S. have a severe hearing loss that can only be diagnosed with an OAE hearing screener. Unfortunately, most children are only screened at birth and then again in kindergarten. Critical hearing problems go undiagnosed during the most critical years causing the permanent hearing loss for many children.


    • Portable OAE with Tympanometry
    • One probe fit completes three tests (DPOAE/TEOAE, Tympanometry, and Ipsi Acoustic Reflex)
    • External and internal probe options
    • Intuitive interface for fast, smooth operation
    • Sequenced protocols permit a full test battery
    • Advanced diagnostic capabilities
    • Test up to 12 frequency bands as close as 100 Hz apart
    • Customizable settings and protocols
    • 4 AA alkaline battery operation
    • Print to thermal paper, PDF or PC printer
    • Patient management database optional


    DPOAE System  
    Primary Tones Frequency: F2 from 1.5 kHz to 12 kHz
    Intensity: Up to 6 kHz: 40/40 to 70/60 dB SPL
    Over 6 kHz: 40/40 to 65/55 dB SPL
    MIC System Noise <-20 dB SPL @ 2 kHz (1 Hz Bandwidth)
    Artifact <-20 dB SPL @ 2F1-F2 Frequency
    F1/F2 Ratio 1.2 (default) adjustable 1.1 to 1.4
    F1/F2 Differential 0 to 30 dB SPL
    TEOAE System  
    Stimulus Adjustable up to 83 dB SPL Broadband Click
    Click Bandwidth 500 Hz to 4000 Hz
    Analysis Bands 6 or 10 Bands
    Artifact <-10 dB SPL
    Acoustic Reflex System  
    Stimulus 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz Pure tone
    Broadband noise, low pass noise, high pass noise
    Probe Time 226 or 1000 Hz
    Stimulus Intensity 500-4,000 Hz 70-95 dB HL, in 5 dB steps
    Noise stimulus 60-90 dB HL, in 5 dB steps
    Standards IEC60645-5; ANSI S3.39-1987
    Optional Tympanometer  
    Probe Tone Frequencies 226 Hz, 1000 Hz
    Probe Tone Level 85 dB SPL with in-ear calibration
    Air Pressure Range 0.05cc to 3.0cc: +300 to -400 daPa
    3.0cc or greater: at least +200 to -200 daPa
    Air Pressure Capacity 0.05cc to > 5.0 cc
    Air Pressure Speed 60 daPa/Sec. nominal
    500 to 700 daPa/sec (depending on ear volume)
    Test Time 2.5 seconds nominal (depending on ear volume).
    Over Pressure Limit 1.0cc ear canal volume < 3 psi (2000 daPa)


    What's In The Box?

    • Ero Scan Pro Handheld Unit with Internal Probe - Not Diagnostic
    • External OAE Probe or External OAE Tymp Probe
    • Cradle
    • USB Cable
    • Box of Disposable Ear-tips in Assorted Sizes
    • Operator Manual
    • AA/UM-3/Rb Alkaline Batteries (4)
    • Internal Probe Tips (4/Pkg)
    • External Probe Tips (4/Pkg)
    • Ero Scan Pro PC Software CD



    1 Year Limited Warranty

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