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Gomco 405 Tabletop Aspirator - Suction Pump

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    Gomco Tabletop Medical Suction Machine -  Model 405 Glass or Model 4005 disposable

    The Gomco 405/4005 Tabletop Medical Suction Machine - Aspirator model is designed for higher performance general suction use, from emergency room to recovery room, or for outpatient or dental clinic use. It is invaluable for removing mucus from the throats of newborn infants and post-operative patients, for bronchoscopic suction, and for many other bedside uses.  The medical suction machine is lightweight and compact for convenient storage. The 405 medical suction machine system includes a gauge e and suction regulating valve that is capable of -635 mm Hg of vacuum pressure and a 40 lpm flow rate at open flow. This unit is UL/ULC listed and includes a hospital grade plug, graduated 1200 ml glass collection bottle or 1500 ml disposable canister, and filter to help prevent fluid and aerosol contamination. 

    (Allied Healthcare Products) These portable medical suction machines are indicated for the delivery of high-performance suction at any time. Highly versatile and compact, these Gomco suction machines can be used in multiple clinical settings, from the emergency room to the recovery room. A carbon rotary vane design makes them low-maintenance. The self-contained aspirators in this Gomco suction machine protect against contamination of motor and gauge to allow for easy cleanup. The high vacuum and flow provide immediate high-performance suction, having an output range of 0” to 25” Hg vacuum and a liter flow rate of 40L/min. Aspirators come with either a 1200mL glass bottle or 1500mL disposable canister, which allows the user to meet individual requirements.

    Dimensions (WxDxH) 12” x 9” x 12”
    Weight 14.5 lb
    Vacuum range 0” to 25” Hg/min. at 115V
    Flow rate 0 to 40L/min. at 115V
    Electrical requirements 115V, 60 Hz
    Fuses 3A slow blow fuse


    Cat. No. Mfr. No. Description Qty.
    Portable Aspirators
    01-12-0405 01-12-0405 With 1200mL glass collection bottle, assembly, tubing and bacteria filter 1
    01-12-4005 01-12-4005 With 1500mL disposable canister, lid, tubing and bacteria filter 1
    01-90-2000 01-90-2000 Tubing kit, 18” and 72” pieces 1
    01-90-3100 01-90-3100 Bacteria filter 3/pkg
    20-08-0003 20-08-0003 Disposable collection unit, 1500mL 48/cs
    22-93-0002 22-93-0002 Glass collection bottle, 1/2 gal. 6/cs
    22-10-0008 22-10-0008 Cap and float assembly 1

    Operating Principle:

    The negative and positive pressure of a rotary pump are developed by mounting the rotor off center in relation to the inside diameter of the pump housing. The four carbon slides in the rotor wipe past two portholes in a clockwise rotation. This action increases and decreases the cubic content of the air in the pump head and thereby produces the negative and positive pressures in the Gomco suction machine.

    The high efficiency bacteria filter in this Gomco suction machine is custom engineered to prevent fluid and aerosol contamination of mobile suction units. This filter features a hydrophobic, microporous membrane which filters air with maximum efficiency (0.3 micron particles in air), while blocking the flow of aqueous fluids and aerosol contaminants. The Gomco high efficiency filter protects against suction pump contamination in the case of canister overflow as it prevents the overflow from reaching the pump. 

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