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Phlebotomy Chairs: What Supplies Do You Need to Draw Blood?

Posted by Booth Medical on May 28 2019

Phlebotomy is not always taught in nursing school. Hence, knowing what supplies you need is not always widely known. While many programs recommend that nursing students take extra courses to hone this skill, it’s still not something everyone is being taught. And, the only way to become knowledgeable and perform this task perfectly is through practice. Taking blood samples is important for various diagnosis and tests. Coincidentally, that makes it important to know what type of products or supplies you need in order to perform this task. This is to include phlebotomy chairs and gauze.

What do you need to draw out blood?

Even if you’re the person drawing blood, you might be the one that fills in the orders for the office. If this is the case, you might already have a list of what you need. If you don’t, your nursing background should be able to give you a basic understanding of what you need. Using sites like Phlebotomy Coach can help you start that list. You’ll need to ensure that your office has alcohol and alcohol swabs, gauze, blood collection tubes, non-sterile gloves, laboratory forms and blood-specimen labels.

Why purchase a phlebotomy chair?

Phlebotomy chairs offer superior patient support. Additionally, it also makes it easier for the technician. They are durable and are usually necessary for most clinics, hospitals, and labs. With great brands available, there are a lot to choose from when you’re shopping—which you can do with us online. Notably, they make your job easier while making it comfortable for the patient that has to sit through the procedure.

Special Phlebotomy Products

Now, there are special products when it comes to drawing blood. Consider the various patients that you might see in the hospital, clinic, or facility. For those in a wheelchair, you’ll need a drawing station. This added table will give the patient a place to rest their arm that is similar to what other phlebotomy chairs offer. Also, consider young patients that your clinic may see. If you work at a pediatric care facility, then it’s good to consider supplying the facility with an infant blood drawing station. With our low prices, it’s better to be prepared and have everything you need, than to put your patient in an uncomfortable position.

Take a look at our inventory online. Supply your office with great brands and medical products that you’ll need.