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Holter - An Important Part of Heart Health

Posted by Booth Medical on Nov 22 2019

Heart health is probably something that weighs on your mind. Heart disease is one of the biggest health issues Americans face. That’s why it’s important to take preventative steps to maintain your well-being. One way to do that is using the Holter Monitor, a small device that can have big effects. The Holter Monitor can simply be worn on your chest and keep track of your heart rhythm as you go about your normal activities.

How it was created

According to the National Museum of American History, inventor Norman “Jeff” Holter created this device because he wanted to be able to keep track of people’s heart activity while allowing them to go about daily life. His invention changed the game of preventive heart care, and the devices are still regularly used by healthcare providers decades later.

Why you need to use it

Your doctor may ask you to wear this accessory if your heartbeat seems irregular, or if you have experienced fainting. Other machines may not catch heart issues like arrhythmia. That's because you're only hooked to them for a short time. The great thing about this gadget is that it can give you a fuller picture of your health, and it doesn't require an invasive procedure.

How it works

This is a painless device that can keep track of your heart activity. Your physician will likely instruct you to wear it between 1-2 days. It’s battery-operated and small, so you can go about your daily activities as usual. The device is able to stay on you through either a strap that hangs on your neck or an attachment around your waist. Then, small pads called electrodes will stick to your chest. That makes this instrument effortless to wear. You’ll have to avoid certain metal items like metal detectors, microwave ovens, and electric toothbrushes. They may affect how well the electrodes transmit signals. Other than that, this machine shouldn’t change anything else about your routine.

Holter Monitors are an accessible way to make steps toward better health. Check out Booth Medical's Holter monitors and accessories to accompany them.