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Tuttnauer EZPlus Autoclave Features

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As a distributor for Tuttnauer, we are excited about the new EZPlus Autoclaves. Tuttnauer thought of everything when designing this unit. In talking to people all over the country every day regarding their sterilizing requirements, the main concern for a busy practice is the need for a larger machine. The 19.8" deep chamber of the EZPlus is a definite advantage for anyone looking for a larger capacity tabletop autoclave. This speedy, self contained sterilizer has everything you need in an office based machine.

The first thing that caught my eye was the EZGlide self locking door. No more cranking the handle! At the same time, Tuttnauer didn't compromise the closed door drying cycle that ensures efficient drying, along with the air pump that circulates filtered air through the chamber for fast drying through the HEPA filter.

The EZPlus offers both a top and front side water filling as a standard option.  I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. No more worrying about overhead cabinets getting in the way when filling the autoclave.

Other features include a sleek EZView multi-color display that gives out clear signals for time, temperature, pressure and other pertinent cycle information. An optional printer documents a detailed history of each cycle and if you really want to go digital, a USB port enables users to transfer cycle data via a flash drive to a PC. Take it a step further and purchase the RPCR software that will generate reports, graphs and tables to measure specific parameter and data values. You can also save your reports in a PDF file format for easier printing, storage or emailing..

When I said they thought of everything, that includes the new 7 sterilization program cycles, offering unwrapped instruments, pouches, delicate, handpieces, two custom programmable cycles and a Chamber Brite cleaning cycle. It doesn't get any easier or user friendly than that.

One last thing I want to mention is the improved maintenance requirements. The cleaning of the air jet has been eliminated from the maintenance list. Although cleaning the air jet is not dangerous, many end users where a bit nervous to manipulate the air trap wire back and forth while the autoclave is under pressure. With the new EZPlus this step is no longer part of the routine maintenance.

Tuttnauer backs the new EZPlus machines with a two year parts and labor warranty. Even with all the new features, the EZPlus can be purchased for less than the major competitors.

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