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Virus Protect
A new pre-sterilization cycle for Tuttnauer Autoclaves

Tuttnauer is proud to introduce a new pre-sterilization cycle to treat the viruses that may reside inside the autoclave chamber and provide the best in class safety for the autoclave operators throughout the entire sterilization process. The new cycle will be available on EZ11 and 9 Plus, Elara, and T-Edge units sold going forward. Additionally, this setting will be available to existing owners of EZ Plus & Elara units.

The CoVid-19 crisis is changing how we protect our patients forever. Attention to Infection Control and Sterilization will be paramount. Practices will be vigilant and concerned that they need to be protected beyond what they may have considered previously.

What is Virus Protect?

By heating the chamber for a set time prior to the sterilization process, Virus Protect destroys the harmful viruses such as Covid 19, before the air removal stage from the chamber starts. This creates a protective shield that prevents the emission of bio-contaminants and viruses into the environment. This cycle has been developed based on academic research and literature, to ensure the complete and comprehensive elimination of viruses.

All Autoclaves below include Virus Protect.