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Race Car Ipsilateral Reflex Pediatric Audiometer - 8121501

  • Booth Medical - Maico RaceCar Impedence Screener - 8121501

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    Maico - Race Car Tympanometer - Impedance Screener With IPSI Reflexes  and Pure Tone Audiometer 
    The only tympanometer specifically designed to capture and keep your young patient's attention
    The RaceCar is an automatic instrument that is designed for tympanometric and audiometric pure tone screening. Tests done in the tympanometric screening mode measure middle ear mobility and ipsilateral acoustic reflex. Contralateral acoustic reflex is available as an option. Test results are displayed on the front panel LCD (liquid crystal display) screen and may be printed. The RC not only performs all of these impedance screening functions but has the capability of audiometric pure tone screening. Tests done in the audiometric pure tone screening mode measure hearing response levels. The RC offers a full range of frequencies and levels for complete air conduction hearing screening. The design of the RC allows rapid and reliable measurements. This equipment is designed for middle ear function screening. PC-Interface: A USB interface for data transfer to a connected computer is built in.

    • Visual “Race Car” distraction and multi-media entertainment holds the child’s attention during the test
    • Choose the Tympanometer or the Tympanometer/ Audiometer combination
    • Perform a tympanogram with ipsilateral reflex • Quick, quiet internal printer

    Hearing screening can be difficult. A child who is uncooperative can be a time consuming challenge. The Race Car Tympanometer provides a visual distraction that captures the child's attention so you can create and maintain the proper seal for an accurate tympanogram. The entire test takes place while the patient watches the car accelerate across the screen to the finish line.
    An accurate tympanagram with ipsilateral reflex is ready to review or print in seconds. The Race Car Tympanometer is also available as a Tympanometer/Audiometer combo.

    What's In The Box?

    Standard Accessories

          • TDH headphones

          • Monitor phone

          • Two large picture boards (one English, one Spanish)

          • Two small picture boards (one English, one Spanish)

          • Two score pads (one English, one Spanish)

          • Operation manual


    Tympanometry mode

    Probe frequency intensity        226 Hz +/- 1%, 85 dB SPL into 2 cm3, 1000 Hz
    Pressure range                      + 200 to -400 daPa
    Volume range                        0, 1 to 6.0 ml
    Accuracy                                +- 5% or +- 10 daPa
    Test Time                          

    Reflex Mode

     Test frequencies                   500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz +- 2%
     Test method                         ipsilateral, contralateral (Option)
     Intensities ipsilateral             70 ..... 105 dB HL
     Intensities contralateral         70 ..... 110 dB HL
     Intensity setting                   automatic or manual
     Test Program                       Reflex test selectable
     Memory                               Storage of test results for both ears
     Menu                                  For adapting to individual needs (Pump speed, accuracy, relfex mode etc.)
     Probe                                 Lightweight adjustable hand-held probe with built-in control light and switch


    Test Frequencies                  0,125; 0,25; 0,5;1;2;,3;4;6;8 kHz
    Test Level                           0 to max 90 dB SPL
    Range                                adjustable in 5 dB steps
    Headphone                         Telephonics TDH 39


    Standard                             IEC 601-1JEC, 645-5 class 2, medical directive 93/42/EEC (CE 0124)
    Printer                                 fast, virtually silent thermal printer
    Print Time                            4 s / 12 s (Test results of both ears)
    Display                                Graphic LCD-Display, contrast adjustable
    PC Interface                         USB
    Power Supply                        Mains 100 ,,,240 V- 50/60 Hz, 25 VA
    Dimension and weight           W x D x H: 39 x 29 x 11 cm / 2.5 kg




    Warranty Information

    Maico RaceCar is warranted for one year

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