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MD2-P - Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II -Bi-Directional Vascular Doppler

  • Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II - MD2 Vascular Doppler

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Huntleigh Healthcare Multi Dopplex II - MD2  Vascular Doppler

This bi-directional Doppler is the most advanced hand held Doppler unit in the world. It combines many features and benefits of other models in one powerful unit, providing advanced vascular and obstetric capabilities. It can also be linked to the Dopplex Reporter Software package or the Dopplex Printa 2 thermal printer to provide hard copy, bi-directional reports. The Dopplex MD2 is ideal for physicians, surgeons wound care clinics, GP’s, podiatrists and other clinical specialists who are interested in bi-directional blood flow and waveform studies.


  • Range of six probe options with probe coding (2,3,4,5,8, 10 mhz)
  • Built in loudspeaker & output for headphones
  • True seperated audio output
  • Seperated bi-directional waveform output
  • Enhanced bi-directional LCD display
  • Waveform calibration function, 5 levels
  • Auto shut off & active noise reduction
  • Obstetric capability with FHR display
  • RS232 digital interface
  • Interface to Dopplex Printa II
  • Interface to Dopplex Reporter Software Package
  • Battery Life:  250 x 1 minute examinations
  • Supplied with the following accessories:  Stereo headphones, gel, neck cord, soft carry pouch & user manual
  • Ultrasonics warranty:  2 years parts, exclusive of cables and crystals(1 year)

The Multi Dopplex II will select vascular mode
when a vascular probe is connected to the
control unit.
In this mode, bi-directional blood flow rate and
direction are indicated on bar graphs (4 levels
in each direction) and blood flow is audible in
the loudspeaker. Probe frequency is displayed
together with the bar graphs.

Waveform Recording MD2
Separated waveform outputs are provided in
analogue and digital formats.
Analogue signals are provided for connection to
a single channel chart recorder giving a
combined bi-diectional waveform, or to a dual
channel recorder for separate forward and
reverse flow waveforms. (Connection details on
Digital signals are provided via the RS232 port
for printing separate waveforms on a Dopplex
Printa or for communicating with Dopplex
Reporter software package.

About The Probes 

2MHz  OP2-HS for general obstetric use

3MHz  OP3-HS ideally suited for detecting the fetal heart in early gestations

4MHz  OP4-HS Ideal fof detection of deep lying vessels 

5MHz  OP5-HS For oedematous limbs and deep lying vessels. Ideal adjunct to Easy8 for ABPI measurements.

8MHz  VP8-HS Ideal for the detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries.

8MHz  EZ8 - Easy 8 - Widebeam technology - Allows easy location of vessels. Easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation. 

10MHz VP10-HS - For the detection of smaller vessels in specialist superficial applications. 



Warranty Information

Huntleigh Healthcare Inc.'s sole warranty is that the Goods
shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years (excluding probe
head and retractile cable which are warranted for one (1) year), following delivery of such Goods to
the original purchaser; provided that the Goods were used in an appropriate and reasonable manner
during such period and provided further that Huntleigh Healthcare Inc. shall in no event be liable to
Customer for defective Goods if: (i) the Goods are damaged in the course of shipping; (ii) any defect is
caused wholly or to any material extent by Customer's negligence, misuse, failure to use the Goods
properly or use of the Goods in conjunction with any accessory not approved for use with the Goods
by Huntleigh Healthcare Inc.; (iii) the Goods are damaged as a result of improper maintenance, failure
to follow manufacturer's instructions, including without limitation those on washing and cleaning, or
failure to follow necessary routine maintenance procedures; or (iv) the Goods are altered, repaired or
dismantled other than with manufacturer's written authorization using its approved procedures or by
any party other than manufacturer's properly qualified and trained technicians.

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